Millionaire Beauty

The Esecta team manage all online platforms for Millionaire Beauty. This including the entire website, social media post creations, captions and all marketing campaigns. They produceĀ  the weekly email marketing news letters, working collaboratively with the client to refresh promotions and product packages. The team create videos, images and blogs keeping the content engaging and informative; this has organically increase the Instagram following alone fromĀ  around 19,000 to over 30,000 in 12 months. Activities over a month have increased the email list by an additional 10,000 followers all the in UK. They’ve found new income streams through Google Ads, SMS and email marketing efforts.

With a brilliant collaborative relationship with founder Jas Braich the team have been able to explore opportunities to grow the business, enter new markets and reach new audiences. Together they are continually evolving the digital marketing strategy so the business can continue to grow. Supporting Jas in expanding the product range and the target market. Sometimes it’s not about thinking outside of the box but rather taking the time to get to know your customer, getting to know their interests and in doing so building a real and lasting love of the brand. This is what we have achieved with Millionaire Beauty!

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